Kavoshgaran Baser Company
Kavoshgaran Baser Company
Kavishgaran Baser Company

Control and supervision of the design, construction and installation of pressure vessels of steam boilers and heat exchangers


Kavoshgaran Baser Inspection Co.

Kavoshgaran Baser Company was established in 1998 with the gathering of experienced engineers and experienced technicians with international level II & III and quality assurance. This company has been approved by the Ministry of Petroleum, National Gas Company, a privileged rank from the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, a technical and engineering license from the Ministry of Industry and Mine, as well as ISO / IEC 17020 for inspection of pressure vessels and non-destructive testing of structures Construction and Industry from the National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI) and is ready to provide consulting and implementation services.

Technical inspection

Inspection and control of raw materials when purchasing welded construction instructions (WPS) and preparing and adjusting PQR. Control and adaptation…

Commerce Department

Trading group of "Kavoshgaran Baser" industrial company with more than 20 years of excellence in welding, NDT tests in the…

Training Services

Preparation of the Specialized Training Seminar Advanced NDT Inspection Methods NDT Conducting training courses and methods ...


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Completed projects


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Project two

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Project six

Performing radiography

Industrial Vibration Company
Karun Dam Three
Filling Milk Industries
Auxin Steel Tanks
Pressure Container Project in Ahvaz
Neka Power Plant

Perform non-destructive tests

MT / PT tests
Tests UT / UT PAUT
RT Tests:

Technical inspection

Tehran Residential Copper and Office Tower
Kisson Company

Other Projects

Tehran Residential Copper and Office Tower
Kisson Company
Chanol project
Pars machining
Delvar Dam

Ongoing Projects

The company has always tryed to implement all the projects with the highest quality, relying on its knowledge and experience of human resources and continuous monitoring according to ISO 17020. We value our employers and the services we provide because we think about long-term cooperation.

Offshore Projects

The offshore section is responsible for conducting welding inspection in oil, gas and petrochemical industries projects as follows:
- Welding inspection in construction and installation of jackets and offshore oil and gas extraction and processing platforms
- Oil and gas pipelines
- Welding inspection in construction of processing and refining plants and petrochemical plants..

Special Projects

Projects that require knowledge, high experience, sufficient expertise, as well as specialized equipment are carried out in accordance with standard procedures..


Non-destructive testing courses
  • Interpretation of Radiographic Film (RTI)
  • Industrial Radiography Test (RT) Level I & II
  • Liquid Penetrating testing (PT) Level I & II
  •  Magnetic Particle testing (MT) Level I & II 
  • Ultrasonic testing (UT) Level I & II
  • Visual Testing (VT)

Quality Management Courses
  • Describe requirements and elements of ISO 3834: 2011, quality requirements for fusing metal materials
  • Describes the requirements and elements of ISO 17020:2012 Standard for specialized inspection firms

Welding Engineering Training Courses
  • Preparation and compilation of WPS and PQR based on ASME Sec IX
  • Identification and selection of welding Consumables
  • Metallurgy and welding operations
  • Welding inspections of level I & II in accordance with AWS (QC1-CW1)

Other Courses
  • Inspection of oil pipelines according to API 570
  • Inspection of storage tanks according to API 653
  • Inspection of pressure vessels according to API 510
  • Technical inspection of cranes 
  • Bolts, Production and Inspection

Specifications of courses

The courses will be held in accordance with SNT-TC-1A's Non-Destructive Testing Association (ASNT) standard, and may be held on request in accordance with EN473, ISO9712. Books, pamphlets and standards are in English and Persian and the content of the course is in accordance with the above standard. Entries in the class will be taught in Persian.


Employers of Kavoshgaran Basir Company